Crosstree Lab

Crosstree Lab is a social capital lab experimenting in sustainable built environment of our future.

For more research info, visit crosstreelab.com.


Crosstree Studio

Crosstree Studio provides design services to architects, designers, engineers, contractors, as well as product owners, managers, developers, and manufacturers around the world.

For more design info, visit crosstreestudio.com.


Crosstree Fabrication Shop

Crosstree Shop provides high-end custom architectural metalwork services for architects, engineers, and contractors as well as home owners, building managers, and developers. 

For more fabrication info, visit crosstreeshop.com.


Crosstree Site

Crosstree Site provides delivery, installation, and maintenance of architectural components and building blocks for architects, engineers, and contractors as well as home owners, building managers, and developers.

For more info, visit crosstreesite.com.


Crosstree School

Crosstree School provides  classes in social, technology, economic, political, and seed (STEPS) entrepreneurship.  We guide our students to awaken and connect their hidden potential to bring about peace on earth through their practice.

For more info, visit crosstreeschool.com.


Crosstree Store

Crosstree Store offers architectural, sculptural, and interior decorative products for residential, commercial, and institutional applications. Created by our designers with precise craftsmanship using quality materials, our products are made to be loved and to last. All of our products are designed, engineered, and fabricated at our facility in Chicago, IL, USA.

For more product info, visit crosstreestore.com.


Crosstree Seed

Crosstree Seed is a platform for creating open source design products, services, platforms, marketplaces, and ecosystems.

For more info, visit crosstreeseed.com.



Seedty is a commons habitat for seed-dwellers providing an ecosystem for food, clothing, shelter, health, education, transportationutilitiesland use, and communication.

For more info, visit seedty.org.